Friday, 4 November 2016

An invitation to the 2nd National Children's Film Festival in Jaipur

The festive season marks the beginning of all things new and I feel privileged to announce the 2nd National Children’s Film Festival. Yes, it’s time for much cheer, joy and celebration.

Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) is organising the second edition of National Children’s Film Festival from November 14 to 16 this year in Jaipur.

After successfully organizing the first edition of the Fest in Delhi in 2014, we are looking forward to screening some quality films for children and in turn make them a part of the process of film making through workshops and screenings.

The National Children’s Film Festival is a traveling Fest. As we are engaged in providing value-based entertainment to children through the powerful medium of films, we want to reach out to different states in each edition and promote films that provide healthy and wholesome entertainment for children to broaden their perspective and also encourage them to get involved in the art of film making and bring out their hidden talent.

Children enjoying themselves at our 19th Edition of the Golden Elephant

At CFSI, our aim is to foster the culture of making films and through these film Fests we want to provide a platform for children as well as film makers.

During the earlier editions of International Children’s Film Fest, we had a separate section inviting entries from Indian film makers. We realized that not only the number of entries was low from India, but we also saw that the entries lacked quality films that could be curated. They could not compete with other movies. Hence, we had to change the category from India section to Asia section.

Nurturing their creativity and exposing the children coming from various parts of India to a value based entertainment through CFSI movies was the thought behind conceiving the National Children’s Film Fest two years back. As the director of the film Fest, I am happy to see film makers as well as children showing interest in films made for and of them.

However, nothing would be as good as films made by children. Towards this objective, I curated a section called “Little Directors” in the 18th Golden Elephant held on November 14, 2013, which was a huge success with 123 entries. The section went truly international in the 19th edition of Golden Elephant with over 200 entries from 8 countries. It’s now my endeavour to make every child into a Little Director, telling their own stories through this wonderful medium of films. The idea behind NCFF is to achieve this goal.

I introduced the concept of Little Directors, because I have always believed that children with their boundless imagination have a huge potential to make communications. Films as a medium has a huge potential to impact masses. And what can be a better way to train our future generation who could be the harbingers of a constructive change in the society.

During the first edition of the National Children’s Film Festival, held in Delhi, we screened films such as Seema Desai’s Pappu Ki Pugdandi, Shortcut Safari, The Goal, Mahek Mirza, Krish Trish and Baltiboy and Ek Ajooba. The 1st NCFF 2014 had also incorporated `Swachhata’ as its central theme taking the “Swachha Bharat” initiative of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to the future citizens of India i.e. children.

I extend a warm invitation to not only children, but their parents and teachers as well to block their dates in November to be a part of our National Children’s Film Festival in Jaipur.

And, what better day to kick-start the Fest on November 14 – Children’s Day it is!!

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