Monday, 11 May 2015


Mothers are special. It’s not just about giving birth. It’s way beyond that. Our sheer existence, our nurturing from a juvenile to a mature and for the many years ahead as a guiding force, mother’s role is unending in our lives.

From the scriptures to the documented history, from east to the west, from across the sections of society, from Krishna’s mother Yashoda to Shivaji’s mother Jija Bai, we have seen plenty of examples on the glory of motherhood.

As we grow up and get busy with lives, we end up forgetting very often the reason of our own existence and the role of our mothers in our lives.

On this Mother’s Day, I would like to inform that CFSI will soon be coming out with a new movie (Happy Mother’s Day) based on this life-giving entity, whom we call mother.

Story of CFSI’s new film “Happy Mother’s Day” is based on growing up in a small town away from the corporate metro influences. A place, where the local indigenous flavours of Milk, Sevai, Matthi were giving way to Maggi, Coke, Lays etc.

It’s the colourful attractive trivia traveling to us from far off lands. Not only did it change our acquired tastes but also it changed the societal norms and status consciousness as well. The entire change was intriguing in a strange way.

Our little minds would hardly realize the corporate and global extravaganza that paved way for it, but we did get mesmerized with the display of assortments and the fancy new shop windows and the changing facades. We yearned to procure a present for the mother for the Mother’s Day to demonstrate that we loved her.  And many similar instances where consumerism has to testify the importance and value of emotion.

We fell prey and rediscovered and reoriented ourselves as we grew up. CFSI’s film Happy Mother’s Day is a simplistic endeavour in retracing that journey of growing up. The essence of the story is its simplicity and innocence.

It is also set in a small town. With both these considerations, it is necessary to keep the outdoor and sets basic and uncluttered. Without moralizing, some subtext about the replacement of traditional commodities with modern ones are being introduced.

The two protagonists are children – cinematography should serve to bring forth their simplistic point of view, without seeking to impress. Editing stays with the narrative, and sound design and music lend impetus to fragile and innocent emotions.

Few basic sets, circus setup, outdoor locations in hills, a school, and houses sufficiently to sum up the entire story.

Shravan Kumar
Chief Executive Officer


  1. Noce one , proud of u PRAPTI darling. May u be successful always

  2. We really proud of you my dear angel and wish in future also u will be shined more and more.

  3. Proud moment fr prapti n our fmly... love you loads